Unsure about Redundancy?

Unsure about Redundancy?

Let the fantastic wealth of resources below teach you all about Redundancy.

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A sound understanding of Redundancy is essential to ensure exam success.

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Please find below:

1. AH Maths Past Exam Worksheets by Topic

2. Links and Exam Formulae

3. Systems of Equations Resources

4. MIA Text Book Questions – Systems of Equations

5. About Redundancy

6. AH Maths Past & Practice Papers

7. AH Maths Past Paper Questions by Topic

8. AH Maths Recommended Text Book

9. Exam Focused Online Study Pack – For students looking for a ‘good’ Pass


Advanced Higher Maths Resources


1. AH Maths Past Paper Exam Worksheets by Topic

Thanks to the SQA for making these available. The worksheets by topic below are an excellent study resource since they are actual SQA past paper exam questions.

Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to all SQA Higher Maths Questions below are available in the Online Study Pack.

1Binomial TheoremAnswers
2Complex NumbersAnswers
4Differentiation (Further)Answers
5Differential Equations - Variables SeparableAnswers
6Differential Equations (Further)Answers
7Functions & GraphsAnswers
9Integration (Further)Answers
11Number Theory - Methods of ProofAnswers
12Number Theory (Further) - Euclidean & Number BasesAnswers
13Partial FractionsAnswers
14Sequences & SeriesAnswers
15 Sequences & Series - Maclaurin Answers
16Systems of EquationsAnswers

2. Links and Exam Formulae

AH Maths - Home Page LinkHERE
AH Maths - Whole Course LinkHERE
AH Maths - Exam Formula ListHERE
Higher Maths - Exam Formulae ListHERE
AH Maths - Complete Formula ListHERE
SQA Full Course Content and OutlineHERE


3. Systems of Equations Resources

Thanks to the author(s) for making these available.

Systems of Equations Theory Guide 1HERE
Systems of Equations Theory Guide 2HERE
Systems of Equations HSN Summary NotesHERE


4. MIA Text Book Questions – Systems of Equations

Recommended questions from the Maths In Action (2nd Edition) by Edward Mullan text book are shown below.

Worked solutions to all questions below are available in the Online Study Pack.

Page Number
Recommended Questions
Gaussian EliminationPage 265Exercise 14.4Q1a,b,c,d,2a,b,c
Redundancy & InconsistencyPage 268Exercise 14.6Q1a,b,c,2
Redundancy SQA Question 2016 Q4 (SQA)
Inconsistency SQA Question 2017 Q5 (SQA)
ILL ConditioningPage 274Exercise 14.9Q2a,b,c,d
ILL Conditioning SQA Question 2012 Q14c (SQA)


5. About Redundancy

For a more detailed explanation, please first read the Theory Guides above.

Not all systems of equations have a unique solution as in the equations below.

  • x + y = 4
  • 2x + 2y = 8

It can be seen that the second equation is just the first multiplied by two. Any values of x and y will therefore satisfy both equations. In this context, the second equation is redundant as it gives no additional information to the first.


As seen in the above, the row of zeros gives no information and therefore there is no unique solution to the system of equations.

Through analysis of the original equations, it can be seen that the third equation is the first equation plus 3 times the second equation. Therefore the third equation gives no additional information and is redundant.


6. AH Maths Past & Practice Papers

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Worked solutions to SQA Exam Questions available in the Online Study Pack.

Paper Type
Exam Paper
Marking Scheme
2019AH SpecimenSpecimenMarking Scheme
2019Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2018Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2017Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2016Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2016AH SpecimenSpecimenMarking Scheme
2016AH ExemplarExemplarMarking Scheme
2015Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2014Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2013Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2012Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2011Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2010Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2009Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2008Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2007Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2006Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2005Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2004Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2003Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2002Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2001Advanced HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme


7. AH Maths Past Paper Questions by Topic

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Questions and answers have been split up by topic for ease of reference.

Worked solutions to all SQA questions below available in the Online Study Pack.

Further Differentiation
& Graphs
Systems of
Seq &
Further Seq
& Series
of Proof
Further No
Differential Eqns
Specimen P1MarkingQ2Q4Q6Q8Q3Q5Q1Q7
Specimen P2MarkingQ3Q1Q2,4,8,10Q7Q11Q5Q13Q9Q6Q12


8. AH Maths Text Book – Maths In Action (2nd Edition) by Edward Mullan 

A fully revised course for the new Curriculum for Excellence examination that is designed to fully support the course’s new structure and unit assessment. A part of the highly regarded Maths in Action series, it provides students with a familiar, clear and carefully structured learning experience that encourages them to build confidence and understanding.



9. Exam focused Online Study Pack

Through step-by-step worked solutions to exam questions available in the Online Study Pack we cover everything you need to know about Redundancy to pass your final exam.

As well as students studying Advanced Higher Mathematics, the resources will benefit young adults studying A-Level Mathematics and undergraduates who need a little extra help. Particular benefit will be to students who have gained a ‘Conditional’ University place and are therefore required to pass in order to gain entry onto the course of their choice.

Subscribing to the Online Study Pack may therefore be one of your best ever investments. Please click Online Study Pack to view screenshots, examples and instructions on how to subscribe.

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We hope the resources on this website prove useful and wish you the very best of success with your AH Maths course in 2020/21.

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  • Just came across this amazing website and couldn’t believe my luck! With my AH Prelim coming up I asked my mum to pay £9.99 for the Online Study Pack. It’s brilliant! There are easy to understand worked solutions to literally hundreds of past paper questions. Text book worked solutions, theory guides – it’s all there! Even my tutor bought the Online Study Pack and says it’s by far the best AH Maths resource out there. I am feeling so much more confident having found this superb website!

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