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The feedback from schools subscribing to the Online Study Packs is overwhelmingly positive with PT’s reporting significant improvements in attainment. Subscribing today will give your whole school instant, unlimited access, to a wealth of excellent exam focused resources. To find out what’s in the mobile friendly AH Maths Online Study Pack please click HERE.

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All the teachers and students in your school can have unlimited access to the AH Maths Study Pack for a full 12 months from the date of subscription.

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In one place, you will find:

  • Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to all AH Maths exam questions from 2007 to 2019 split into topics to help your understanding – Over 200 questions!
  • Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to a further 5 AH Maths Practice Papers
  • Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to recommended questions/exercises for the entire AH Maths course from the Maths In Action (2nd Edition) by Edward Mullan text book
  • Clear, easy to follow, Theory Guides

Your greatly appreciated contribution is reinvested towards website development costs, hosting fees, further enrichment and the guaranteed continuation of this fantastic resource.

We hope the resources on this website prove useful and wish your school an excellent set of AH Maths results in 2023.

Did we mention the resources?

Course outline, formulae lists, past/practice SQA exam papers, theory guides, practice unit assessments, exam questions split into topics, video links and step-by-step worked solutions to exam questions.

Worsheets Past Paper Worked Solutions Theory Guides Official SQA Past Papers Self Check Booklets Unit Practice Sheets

Covers the whole of the AH Maths course

Created by an experienced maths teacher

Resources used with students in Scottish Secondary Schools

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“The impact of these fantastic resources across all three maths websites is that 1000’s of students throughout Scotland, year on year, are gaining increased career and college course opportunities. Study at Advanced Higher Maths level will provide excellent preparation for your studies when at university. Some universities may require you to gain a pass at AH Maths to be accepted onto the course of your choice. The AH Maths course is fast paced so please do your very best to keep on top of your studies.

I’d highly recommend the Online Study Pack to all AH Maths students looking for a little extra help to ensure exam success.

It’s great that over 90% of the material on this site is absolutely free for everyone to use! My students and I regularly access the Online Study Pack in class to compare our answers with the correct, easy to follow, laid out solutions to past and practice papers. The clear, easy to follow, worked solutions to recommended questions from the Math In Action text book are proving a huge help enabling students to better prepare for the exam.

I’m fully expecting the vast majority of my students to gain an ‘A’ Pass in Advanced Higher Maths in 2022.  The exam focused resources are tremendous value which have, quite simply, helped change the paths of thousands of students by giving them increased university course opportunities” – A happy maths teacher 🙂

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